We have 4 self contained Gites, 2 of them are one bedroom with downstairs sofa beds and of course independent bathrooms up and downstairs to allow either privacy or convenience.  We also have a ground floor, 2 large double bedroomed apartment that we added a good sized, modern kitchen to along with 2 new ensuite bathrooms,  Upstairs we have a 3 bedroomed open plan space that is more on the traditional and rustic side but with lots of space to sit around and chat.  This gives us 10 beds, mainly doubles, allowing for groups and clubs to get a focussed week together.

All that accommodation needs some shared space outside so we have converted the old open barn into a shared area.  We added an LED projector and screen for movie nights, we have exercise equipment that can be laid out and we also have plenty of ratan style furniture to just chill out on.

No summer retreat is complete without a swimming pool, we wanted to ensure people could get what they wanted from the pool so, we went big and added a 2 lane, 25m, the same length as you get in the leisure centre, swimming pool with amazing views over the valley.

So that's the actual site, add that to the proximity to so much of France's heritage with local chateaux, traditional old villages, big open areas and we think we got it about right.  If you are coming to relax, that's great, if you want to build up monster miles on the empty, open roads or trails for your latest triathlon, we can do that, want to improve your swimming and learn the Ocean Walker Technique, sure thing.  

We are partners with Brittany Ferries and are able to give a discount of 20% off ferry crossings, see the gites listed on their site here

Feel free to get in touch through the Contact Us page today and discuss any thoughts, we do amazing discounts for groups!