For those not familiar with Adam's story, he used to sell kettles and toasters until, one day on a plane, his life was changed by watching a movie about a guy who wanted to swim the English Channel.  Adam trained and successfully made the crossing but at the cost of injuring his shoulder.  He took swimming back to the bare bones and looked at other sports for inspiration such as kayaking that uses the longevity and strength found in the core rather relying on the chest and arms for power.  The Ocean Walker Technique was born and has been refined into a very efficient stroke that removes pressure from the complex shoulder joint to remove the chance of getting 'swimmers shoulder' from un-natural stretching and trapping of nerves and muscles.  

Steve at Gites at Civray has gone through a rigorous process led by Adam to give him the qualification of Ocean Walker Technique Level 1 Coach, as a result Adam came down to run the initial masterclass in the on site 25m pool that was completed at the end of 2018.

Saturday night saw the mayor of La Celle Guenand along with various other people with an interest in efficient swimming attend a talk by Adam, relaying stories and anecdotes concerning his achievements, stories of overcoming adversity and never giving up on your dreams.  Sunday came, 30 degrees wall to wall sunshine and a pool temp of 29 degrees made for the perfect conditions to learn the technique.  Massive progress was evident all round, great efforts and some superb results. 

We are hoping to get another masterclass before the end of the year but in the meantime Steve is available for tailored sessions through out summer